Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surviving Day Interview with Jake Yandle

I interviewed Surviving Day's Jake Yandle.
Their members are: Colby Hardaway on guitar, Jeremy Richards slapping the bass, Bryce King also on guitar, Brandon Cooper on drums and Jake Yandle on vocals.
I asked Jake what made them want to start a band and Jake stated "Me and Colby started a long time ago and after a while, the band just slowly came together after gigs and just hanging out. It was me and Colby then Jeremy then Bryce then Brandon."
The bands that influenced Surviving Day are Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Sum 41 and Distubed.
This is not Jake and Colby's first band experience. "Me and Colby have been playing in a million bands together and we have played on stages with school bands and temporary bands but now we want to be on top."
I then asked Jake when they realized they wanted to be musicians and his responce was "For me, it was when I gave up on baseball and mom made me pick something. I chose guitar. Colby realized in 5th grade band and the rest at about the same time as that except Jeremy, he decided about a year and a half years ago when we told him to try out."
Jake describes "music" as "The blood that fills our hearts until we are so energetic that we just fucking run until we can't stop."
That was well said. :)
In the next one to three years, Surviving Day would like to go on tour as soon as possible, as well as have an album out. Then in about three years, they want to be playing every night and make life changing music.
Jake describes their music as "A bunch of kids playing really hardcore punk music right now. Lots of guitar and vocals and insane drums and bass."
The songs are about stuff that happens in their lives and they're sometimes made up or quotes.
"Well the band hasn't played a serious gig yet but we played on a small stage with all the bands except our drummer. We had a sub. It was fun until Colby sang 'Nightmare' and got to the wrong mic so I couldn't sing back up and another time with just me and a different band, the singer was also the guitarist and never sang a word, just played. So we got a bad review and I just walked off the stage that time."
Sounds like you've had quite a lot of experience with live audiences. :)
They all grew up on heavy metal, punk rock, all branches of southern rock, hard rock, scream and metal.
If you liked this then you should check out Surviving Day on Facebook and like them. :)
Well boys, I wish you the best of luck in your career and hope I hear from you as you make your way to the top!!! :):):)

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